• Reviews for Kris Hiechel

    Carolina C

    July 13,2020

    Helpful people

  • Katlynne F

    July 11,2020

    The entire team worked around the clock, when my loan was being processed! Even during a pandemic, things went super smooth and I didn't feel so over whelmed! Was easy to get ahold of everyone and everyone was extremely nice and understanding.

  • Erin Z

    July 10,2020

    Instruction on what to do to get me approved for the most that I could afford.

  • Meredith W

    July 9,2020

    Holly was absolutely phenomenal! There were issues with our buyer’s loan originators and Holly had to make adjustments at the last minute a couple of times. She was a great communicator, keeping us in the loop at all times. I will hug Holly if I ever get to meet her! So personable, even if only on text and phone!

  • Jesse C

    July 8,2020

    Awesome service! Everyone at Fairway was quick to respond and extremely fun to work with!

  • Sandra R

    July 8,2020

    Holly and Kris were so easy to work with and very helpful. Communication through the entire process was fast and courteous. This was my first home buying experience and they made the entire process painless. I would highly recommend to anyone!

  • Lillian E

    July 6,2020

    Buying a house is a huge deal and can be scary and confusing, but Kris and her team answered all of my questions and made me excited for this venture.

  • Chad T

    July 6,2020

    Very attentive services with great communication! The team answered all of our questions with quick responses. They were there for us every step of the way from beginning to end. Thanks Kris and team for all your hard work!


    July 4,2020

    The communication was great and the staff was very friendly.

  • Jennifer F

    July 4,2020

    Good communication

  • Alisha K

    July 4,2020

    Made everything super easy for us and explained everything so we understood what was going on being first time home buyers.

  • Danya B

    July 4,2020

    From start to finish Kris and the Fairway team made everything easy!! They were there with any questions and always kept me updated on the process and each step. I couldn’t have asked for a better team!!

  • Nicholas A

    July 3,2020

    Had an an Amazing team working on my behalf... kept me updated every step of the way.

  • Rachel T

    July 1,2020

    Communication was great!! Anytime we had a question it was answered same day! Highly recommend

  • Corey A

    July 1,2020

    The team communicated great and was awesome to work with.

  • Victor H

    June 29,2020

    Everything: good communication, Very accessible with my schedule, super fast. I really like how you guys work Thank you very much

  • Kandace F

    June 22,2020

    Responded to questions quickly

  • thomasfortney

    June 21,2020

    The process from getting our pre-approval all the way to signing was great. Communication was fast and to the point once the process began. Holly and kris were great!

  • Thomas F

    June 19,2020

    The email communication and digital signing for most of the paperwork made it very convenient for us.

  • Deanette S

    June 15,2020

    Very friendly and courteous staff. Helped me understand the process during each step along the way.

  • Alton D

    June 13,2020

    Very helpful and kind, made the process easy and help explain anything I didn’t understand.

  • Neal N

    June 13,2020

    great group of people

  • sonicdude1990

    June 13,2020

    Outstanding experience fairway independent mortgage has gone above and beyond to help make the process easy, Everyone has been incredible very helpful and respectful best mortgage company around five out of five all the way!

  • Joshua D

    June 12,2020


  • Sarah D

    June 12,2020

    Very friendly and helpful

  • Alyzabeth C

    June 2,2020

    Very fast and she talks you through any help you need! Helped me get my first home

  • Brittany S

    June 2,2020



    May 31,2020

    Holly and Kris were awesome at helping us with our house. They worked very late and on weekends. Any time we had a question they would be right there to answer it even on the weekends.


    May 30,2020

    During the whole covid-19 shut down and everything else that was going on, Kris and her team were there for us. From contacting vendors to setting up our financing, they did it all. And they are still answering our questions after the sale.

  • Scott G

    May 27,2020

    Everything went so quickly and smoothly.

  • Matthew C

    May 22,2020

    Great communication and always had answers when I had questions. Very knowledgeable and professional.

  • Melony B

    May 21,2020

    When I contacted Kris, she was so knowledgeable with explaining what options we had with our refinance. The entire team that we worked with to get the deal wrapped up was very thorough and prompt. I would highly recommend Fairway Mortgage for a refinance!

  • Nicole S

    May 21,2020

    Kris & her team were awesome to work with! They made the process of buying a home easy, and they made it all possible for us! They had great communication throughout the whole process, and they always gave us links to helpful information and resources to refer to during our move. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start the process of buying a home!

  • Casey P

    May 21,2020

    From start to finish the process was clear, communication was fluid and the overall experience made for a stressfree process. Couldn’t be happier with the job Fairway did making it all happen for us to buy our first home.


    May 11,2020

    We knew that our path to a home loan was going to be complicated. However Kris and her team not only helped us navigate a path to the home loan that would work for us, but helped us insure we closed on time!

  • Dawn S

    May 10,2020

    Good job.

  • Michael S

    May 7,2020

    Kris was extremely knowledgeable and found the perfect lending product for our situation. Even during the CORVID-19, shelter at home restriction, Kris and her staff made the whole process easy and efficient and we closed quickly. They maintained great communications and the entire process exceeded expectations.

  • Tina B

    May 6,2020

    Easy to work with. Answered all my questions in a timely manner.


    May 1,2020

    Every step was professionally handled though there were some delays on my part but overall, I was satisfied. Thank you for helping me become a proud home owner.

  • Elizabeth H

    April 26,2020

    Kris and her staff were wonderful at responding to my emails and questions! They gave me honest and sound advice during these trying times of the pandemic. I am grateful for their quick, friendly, and honest advice/service. Thank you so much!

  • Jacob V

    April 25,2020

    Excellent communication and quick service and always there to help.

  • Afi A

    April 24,2020

    Kris and holly were very helpful, great communication. Durring this hard time with covi19 we couldn't go to the office, we did everything online that was easy than I thought. I highly recommend fairway to friend Merci beaucoup

  • Justin A

    April 23,2020

    Quick and easy! That’s why I’ve bought our last three homes with her. Kris and her team are awesome!

  • Mitchell H

    April 20,2020

    Kris & Holly where great to work with, communication was great and everything was completed on or before scheduled dates. We would definitely recommend Kris and her team to anyone . Thanks again for the Great experience with our mortgage and with out hesitation will work with Fairway in the future. Mitch & Colleen Hueman

  • Rustonberg M

    April 20,2020

    Kris & her staffs!!!! Freaking AMAAAAZINGGGG!

  • Dennis H

    April 17,2020

    I answered it in the "Is there anyone you would recommend" section which is testimony to the patience shown by Kris and her team. The professionalism and clear timely information made the process effortless. Bravo to Kris and her team. I no reservations in giving a glowing recommendation.

  • Michael T

    April 17,2020

    Kris and her team were very helpful. They gave me different options.

  • Camille O

    April 13,2020

    Great customer service! They answered all my questions 😀

  • Penny R

    April 6,2020

    From the moment I met Kris I felt informed and supported.

  • Michael G

    April 6,2020

    All information was shared. Everything was done in a timely manner. One improvement would be to send updates on current morgage rates when people are not locked in

  • Edward P

    April 4,2020

    Great people helped with every thing

  • Logan G

    April 4,2020

    Extremely helpful, goes out of their way to make sure everything happens as it should. Very friendly. Great to work with.

  • William E

    March 31,2020

    I didn't have to worry about anything. Kris and team were always prompt and on top of everything.

  • Austin L

    March 30,2020

    I had kind of a complicated situation dealing with buying a second house with my VA loan benefit. The other lenders weren't able to give me a direct answer. Kris was able to sort it out and get me approved in literally under 60 minutes. Because of kris and her team me and my fiance were able to put in an offer on a home that fits us perfectly! Thank you so much!

  • Dakota Z

    March 28,2020

    Made everything easy for me. They did all the work and guided me through the whole process. They did an awesome job.

  • Amanda W

    March 24,2020

    She was so helpful! The whole team were so quick to answer any questions and gave me confidence in the whole process. I felt so involved and was always included in every conversation about everything in all I couldn't have done it without them. So happy and now I am living in my home with my family!

  • Kayla B

    March 24,2020

    Kris was great to work with; she was fast and efficient with all our documentation.

  • Amy T

    March 22,2020

    Fairway mortgage is amazing and highly recommend. Kris is so passionate about her work and hands down the best Mortgage company we have ever worked with!

  • Alexander B

    March 21,2020

    Kris and the team is always in front of what needs to happen next in the loan process. I have not witnessed a team that is so prepared for the next obstacle that arises. Would recommend everyone to give them a shot at making sure they get you into the home of your dreams.

  • Gbetondji T

    March 21,2020

    They work hard to provide the best they can.

  • Alex B

    March 21,2020

    The open communication and the constant contact I had with Kris and her team was phenomenal. They kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and answered any questions I had along the way.

  • Julie M

    March 19,2020

    If you aren't sure what to do or how to get information, they helped with everything that I needed help with. Thank you so much for everything.

  • Alex S

    March 17,2020

    Kris and Holly are great at what they do. They are very friendly and don’t hide anything from clients

  • Kayla M

    March 11,2020

    Thank you so much for all your help it made buying selling a house so stress free !!

  • Kelly S

    March 11,2020

    I am a first time home buyer, and an overall very nervous person and Kris made it very easy and simple to get through the buying process. It was very quick too! I wouldn't go to anyone else!

  • Steven B

    March 8,2020

    Kris and her team went above and beyond to help us get into the house of our dreams!

  • Kyler D

    March 8,2020

    Easy to work with

  • Joong-Han S

    February 24,2020

    Rapid process

  • Brandee H

    February 22,2020

    Very nice and very helpful!

  • Gene W

    February 17,2020

    Kris' team went above and beyond to help us get our home loan and make sure everything went well at closing

  • Victoria M

    February 16,2020

    Everyone helped our process go so fast and was so nice. I appreciate everyone that took the time to explain everything to us.

  • Elsa W

    February 13,2020

    Kris help me and my husband so so much with all the paper work and she make sure everything is ok in ours closing of ours house thank you kris.

  • Joshua B

    February 10,2020

    She did a great job!

  • Matthew E

    February 3,2020

    Fairway is a great mortgage company, the loan process is very smooth and adjustable. Highly recommend!

  • Jerry T

    January 31,2020

    Kris and Megan Helped is work through an unexpected situation. Not only did they help with the problem, they made it possible to close early 🙂

  • Jackie O

    January 20,2020

    Easy process and staff was very knowledgeable and helpful

  • Ariel V

    January 17,2020

    Is great team

  • Victoria P

    January 16,2020

    Kris and her team are fast and hard working!

  • Dianne K

    January 14,2020

    She walked us through each step of the process. There was a slight stumbling block we went through, bot in general it was a positive experience.

  • Kristine P

    January 12,2020

    Kris made everything so easy! She takes time to answer all questions and is very friendly. I recommend fairway on getting your home mortgage.

  • Aballa O

    January 11,2020

    Kris Heichel and her team are amazing, they did most of the work for us and made our purchase much easier. Thank you again, we are enjoying our new home.

  • Lawrence K

    January 11,2020

    The underwriting department caused a two month delay in getting to the closing of our home. No reflection on Kris.

  • Scott S

    January 10,2020

    Kris and her team did an excellent job of keeping us up to date on the progress of the loan approval. They also did an excellent job of following up and answering questions. Thank you

  • Jeff P

    January 10,2020

    Kris and her team are great I have already sent a couple people to her. This is the second time I have went to Kris for my home loan the personal experience you get from her is second to none. Thank you very much

  • Okok C

    January 10,2020

    I am really happy working with Kris Heichel because I did not expect to be approved for a house loan. Thank you.

  • William T

    December 25,2019

    the best. They approved my loan after 7 p.m. and the process took about 10 minutes

  • Christopher F

    December 16,2019

    They made the process very simple and easy.

  • Dennis B

    December 10,2019

    Kris was very easy to work with. She seemed to have our needs as a priority.

  • John B

    November 25,2019

    You got back to us with questions and kept us up to date

  • Mindy W

    November 20,2019

    You gals were all very very helpful and navigating a first home purchase can be stressful but with the great communication and encouragement I received the process was super smooth! Every question was answered in a timely manner and they really do go out of their and work late to make dreams come true❤️❤️

  • Jeremiah H

    November 20,2019

    Very fast turn around and they always let you in the loop and up to date on all the information

  • Kimberly S

    November 20,2019

    Made it possible to get our house in 15 days!

  • Demetrious M

    November 17,2019


  • James G

    November 15,2019

    Kris was a wonderful and reassuring agent to work with . Kris really knows how to get things done the right and very speedy as well.

  • Joseph T

    November 14,2019

    Everything 👍

  • Joseph M

    November 14,2019

    Awesome people, Very helpful, Quick and Easy!

  • Alejandra B

    November 14,2019

    Fairway was great to work with! Thank you to everyone on the team for always being there to answer all of my questions and help me along the way! You were all great, thank you for making my experience great!

  • Tracey R

    November 14,2019

    I can't praise Kris's patience and willing to work to get me my home. I made it extremely difficult without meaning too. . Kris and her team were awesome. I closed and honestly never thought it would happen. This is my second time with Kris and she had proven to be top knotch . I would fully wretchmen Kris and her team.

  • mcdade27

    November 13,2019

    I would like to say everything went so fast and smooth. Team Fairway great job! If anyone is looking for a lender that will guide you every step of the way GO WITH TEAM FAIRWAY! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.

  • Kelsie F

    November 6,2019


  • Jordan M

    November 4,2019


  • Jordan S

    November 4,2019

    Everyone in Kris’s office was so nice. I didn’t know very much about buying a house. Kris told me exactly what to do to get my credit score up so it didn’t take very long and she helped me through the whole process. Thank you Kris and team for all the help!!

  • Brandi D

    November 1,2019

    They were very good to work with and very informative.

  • Robert T

    October 31,2019

    The loan process when very smooth.My home loan with you was easyer than getting a car loan.Thanks so much for all the hard work your team did for me.

  • Dan H

    October 28,2019


  • Darcy H

    October 28,2019


  • Natasha L

    October 24,2019

    Quick and efficient communication. Showed patience for a new home buyer and my many questions and emails. Made the whole process nearly painless and I felt taken care of in this big financial endeavor.

  • Cynthia P

    October 23,2019

    From my first visit with Kris to the closing, every detail was covered so quickly and efficiently. There were absolutely no hiccups through the entire process.

  • Karly A

    October 20,2019

    Awesome at being there at all times of the day. Fast working and make sure she does everything she can to make it all work out

  • Melanie R

    October 19,2019

    They helped me with all the paperwork that was needed and closed alot dinner than I thought I was going too

  • Rachel G

    October 9,2019

    Kris and her team got my VA loan approved and closed unbelievably fast! Even better, they got me a great rate! They were so helpful and made everything so easy! I highly recommend them!

  • Raul F

    October 8,2019


  • Rachel G

    October 8,2019

    Kris and her team got my VA loan approved and closed unbelievably fast! Even better, they got me a great rate! They were so helpful and made everything so easy! I highly recommend them!

  • Angela H

    October 7,2019



    October 5,2019

    Buying a house is very stressful and all the staff helped very much in contacting us and helping us through everything thank you to all

  • Mery D

    October 2,2019

    They helped me buy my house by helping me with the papers that I needed. They gave me great resources.

  • Briar H

    September 30,2019

    Enjoyed working with kris and her team as they helped us in the confusing and long process of getting our first home!! Made it easier to know they were on top of all the paperwork and the next steps we needed!!!

  • Shanna A

    September 29,2019

    The time and effort they put in to helping me didn't go unnoticed! Working sometimes after hours even. They did an awesome job!

  • Ochan O

    September 27,2019


  • Gemechu O

    September 25,2019

    We are pleased with the help we got from Kris Heichel and her team at Fairway. She made our buying experience more comfortable and manageable by guiding us through the complicated process of house buying. I highly recommend her and her team for their effective communication, personalized guidance, and vast experience of problem-solving skill. Especially if you are the first home buyer like us, they are the best team to work with. G.O

  • Bailey P

    September 24,2019

    It was just a very long and stressful process and I feel like it didn’t go very well. Some things went better than others. I’m just glad it’s all over with and I’m in my new house.

  • Gisselle P

    September 24,2019


  • Michael C

    September 23,2019

    Kris will go out of her way to make your home buying experience as easy as possible. This is our second time working with her and we recommend her to anyone looking to buy!

  • Derek D

    September 23,2019

    Wow, where to start.. Kris and Holly were amazing people to work with. They met my needs and beyond my expectations. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Fairway. Thank You guys so much !

  • sheila

    September 20,2019

    Kris, Holly, and Megan were simply amazing! They made this process as smooth as possible. They communicated every single step of the way, answered every single question and kept me updated through every thing. Not for one moment did i feel in the dark or that i didnt understand anything. I would honestly recommend them to everyone looking to buy a house. Theres probably no better and open team than this group. Thanks everyone at fairway for helping me and my boys find our forever home.

  • Teiler T

    September 18,2019

    I’m a very anxious and nervous person with just about everything but Kris and her team were so pleasant and helpful with every question and worry I had. Everything was completed timely and I’m now in my very first with my husband and two sons and we love it! I’m very thankful for Kris and her team- A++

  • Erin H

    September 16,2019


  • chandeederrick

    September 16,2019

    The team here was very helpful in fulfilling in progressing the process of a loan for a buyer, they asked question and got things down in a timely manner. Even when something went wrong they would push and attempt to help with getting things done for us, we are very thankful for them in this process and grateful.

  • Hailey S

    September 13,2019

    Kris works to help you in anyway she can and she responds and does things very quickly.

  • Brandon C

    September 13,2019

    Communication was great with Kris and her associates, even when things got miscommunicated. They were always very upfront and honest and very prompt with providing us updates.

  • Teiler T

    September 12,2019

    I cannot put into words how much I appreciate this team! Holly and Kris were so helpful and made this process so easy! Holly was so great with handling my stress and in the end everything was done on time and I worried for nothing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    September 4,2019

    They helped us when we were very short on time and communicated very efficiently. They were there from day 1 till the day we signed!

  • PAUL K

    September 2,2019

    Communication and the transferancy

  • Steven L

    September 2,2019

    Worked well for me.

  • Kellie M

    August 29,2019

    Kris is very pleasant to work with. She was helpful, informative and just plain nice! We always felt like she was going above and beyond what was asked of her. Definitely would recommend her to anyone in the market for buying a home.

  • Troy M

    August 26,2019

    Fast and had answers for everything we asked about and very caring staff

  • KARI H

    August 22,2019

    Working with Megan was fabulous!

  • Evelyn R

    August 18,2019

    The people were so great in helping you with every part of the loan and it all went as smooth as could be and fast. If I was ever ask who to go to it would be Kris Heichel at Fairway 🥰💕 Thanks Kris for making it a great experience.


    August 9,2019

    Help lots

  • Gol M

    August 2,2019

    Great working experience and teams work .

  • Adam P

    August 1,2019

    Kris is super friendly, on top of the work that needs to be done, and was always available to help answer any questions we had!

  • Manuel O

    August 1,2019

    Although I did not get a chance to work directly with Kris, I was able to work very closely with Megan Crouch out of the Austin office and she was great to work with, very professional and walked me through every step and even advised me on the importance of not using the down payment assistance program if it wasn't necessary. I would recommend Fairway Mortgage to anyone looking to buy a home that wants a team that care and are more than willing to walk you through every question you may have.

  • Ashton H

    August 1,2019


  • Jessica L

    July 29,2019

    We had gotten the run around from a number one pick company to refinance with for over a month and half. Talked with over a dozen different ppl from that company and things only got worse. We had gotten into a mess but Kris helped us and set our minds at ease and closed in two weeks! Thank you so much Kris!

  • Lauren B

    July 27,2019

  • Holly S

    July 24,2019

    Kris was AWESOME. She made the home buying process feel easy and was there for us 100% along the way.

  • Patrick S

    July 24,2019

    Kris worked FAST to get us to our close date after a negative experience with another lender. She went above and beyond to make sure we understood the process and was always available to answer any questions along the way. Overall a great experience.

  • McKenzie P

    July 21,2019

    Was a fast, smooth process. Very fun to deal with her!

  • Kathy R

    July 20,2019

    Excellent service, knowledge & friendliness. Because my family couldnt be there for purchase Kris and Holly went above and beyond to make sure everything went correctly and items needed fixing before purchase were concluded. I recommend Kris & Holly highly!🙂

  • krosen05

    July 19,2019

    Very happy with the process and outcome of our home loan. Kris & Holly went above and beyond. I recommend Kris highly! I would definately contact them for a home loan.

  • Traci P

    July 16,2019

    Thank you for the open communication and quick turn around! Exceptional service.

  • David H

    July 1,2019

    Kris and her team were very helpful in obtaining my loan. Very courteous to work with. Very quick at doing their work, and always keeping me informed of the status of my loan, and and paperwork I may need. Kris and her team are an awesome group to work with, and I would highly recommend them to anyone, to get the job done quickly, and honest! Great job Kris and team!! I thank you very much for your hard work!!


    July 1,2019

    Taking the time to help resolve issues that were created by another mortgage company

  • Maria R

    June 30,2019

    I went through the house buying process with complete ease! Even with some hiccups on my end they were able to get me in my house in record time and they worked with me without issue around my full time work schedule and parenting schedule. I still brag about how quick it was for me to buy a house and recommend Fairway, Kris, and Lisa often! Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • Kenneth G

    June 30,2019

    Easy going, flowed through the house buying process with ease!

  • Angela H

    June 25,2019

    They did whatever they could, in order to get my loan approved. I was impressed.

  • Jeannie G

    June 23,2019

    The process was easy and moved very fast.

  • Donald H

    June 22,2019

    We did a va refinance and I felt we where on a learning curve together. But we are happy that the loan closed.

  • Joceline C

    June 19,2019

    Very helpful staff. Everyone is involved and they make sure the process goes smoothly and try not to have one too stressed by helping and being flexible as much as they can.

  • Jalene R

    June 19,2019

    Kris was amazing to work with, and so was her team. Our life is extremely chaotic right now, and she was flexible and incredibly accommodating. Her communication was excellent, and their office is so fast paced and really gets things done quickly. She and her team made this painstaking process so easy on us. I absolutely love this team!!


    June 17,2019

    Kept me informed at all times, would always answer my questions! Everything was just perfect

  • Christine S

    June 16,2019

    Over all positive experience!!


    June 9,2019

    Fairway Independent Mortgage Agency is great to work us , the personnel is very welcoming, they tell you what you need to do exactly to be approved, how to maintain a good credit score. They promptly return you phone call, communication with them is never an issue, they follow up with you during the loan process giving you every update. They just take your stress to be theirs. They are there to help people to get their house. They are all smiling. I love it !!!!!

  • Miosotis C

    June 9,2019

    Thank you for all help you and holly are a super hero’s having a house is one of my dreams and you guys make time and dedication to make that happen I will contact you guys Again if in the future I need to buy a different house thank you Mia

  • Robert D

    June 8,2019

    Quick response to any questions I had and made sure everything was on time. I had no doubt everything would be done in time for closing .

  • Abigail A

    June 5,2019

    Amazing group of strong women! They go above and beyond! I will from now on always recommend fairway! She made my dreams of owning my Grandmothers house a reality!


    June 4,2019

    Fast friendly and helpful people that encourage you to call or come in if you have any questions or need help

  • Ashley H

    May 29,2019

    It was so simple. I wasn’t left hanging out to dry. At any point I knew where I was in the process and what I was expected to do.

  • Patricia H

    May 27,2019

    As a new home buyer, there was so much information to process and understand. Holly was great, she took the time to make sure I understood the financing of buying a home.

  • Anna G

    May 22,2019

    Everything was really quick and easy. Her knowledge and confidence were very reassuring. Kris definitely knows what she is doing 🙂

  • Judith R

    May 17,2019

    You took care of everything, you just told me what i needed to get for you, I didn't have to guess at what was needed. You made the process very easy.

  • LUIS H

    May 16,2019

    You guys are absolutely the best. You gave me what I was looking for, answering all the questions I had and you guys really are warm and welcoming from the very beginning and I would definitely come back for any future business. Thank you.

  • Richard W

    May 10,2019

    I had a great experience with them and was told I could close in 30 days and it happened I’m so glad for all the work they did and will definitely recommend them to all my family and friends

  • Megan A

    May 3,2019

    Kris was extremely helpful and wonderful to work with! She was very knowledgeable and helped answer all of our questions! Thank you, Kris!

  • Marilyn H

    May 3,2019

    Very easy to make appointment and everyone is very helpful

  • Mayra M

    April 30,2019

    Availability and convenience.

  • Matthew T

    April 29,2019

    The attention to details and always checking in on the progress and ensuring we understood everything. He willingness to meet on short timelines and off business hours were a positive.

  • Lyndsey B

    April 25,2019

    Kris is so personable and kind, while also being efficient and hardworking. It takes a very special and rare kind of person to be good at both. I was immensely impressed with Kris all the way through our home buying process!

  • Esperanza D

    April 24,2019

    We were always kept in the loop and notified of any information right away. Returned calls quickly. Explained everything to us and made us feel important.

  • Cassandra M

    April 19,2019

    Holly was amazing!

  • Justin H

    April 13,2019

    Kris was always available and went above and beyond any expectations I would ever have for a lender! She was available both day and night and weekends. She worked around my schedule and not the other way around. She was always pleasant and I couldn't be happier that I went with her for our mortgage.

  • Eloy M

    April 12,2019

    There was a good communication. Always available for anything that came up. I enjoy the course online that we had to take that teached us about buying a home; and we learn alot from it. It was a great experience as a first home buyer. Thank you for all the support!

  • Nickolena J

    April 8,2019

    Knowin what i was goin thru they never gave up to help me thru my loan kris and holly both made sure to work as a team to fisinsh up my loan thanks girls

  • Brian B

    March 21,2019

    When you work in the Real Estate industry you develop several mortgage lending contacts. When it came time for me to choose a lender for my own home, I didn’t think twice about using Kris. Smoothest loan process I have ever been a part of and lightening fast communication and results!

  • Caitlin H

    March 21,2019

    Quick and easy. There to answer questions. Tami was fantastic!

  • Scott H

    March 15,2019

    I liked that they took most of the strees out of most the issues that came up and Kris was really good at keeping in touch with us when things changed when my loan did not get approved she found another way for me and my family to get the house we wanted

  • Mayom M

    March 15,2019

    I was following with Kris step by step and more explanation answering my questions

  • Kody R

    March 12,2019

    The team was very easy to work with, answered questions in a timely manner, and communicated needs and options thoroughly.

  • Paul S

    March 6,2019


  • Matthew B

    March 4,2019

    Great service and communication!

  • Veronica S

    March 3,2019

    My best experience was a great team communicating from office to clients as well they inform step by step from the bigginning to the end of proccess ,and always willing to wait out of business hours ,Fairway its great place to work with

  • Trudy D

    March 2,2019

    We are so pleased with everything Kris and her team did for us during our recent purchase. Entire team very accommodating, supportive, pleasant and fun to work with. We would highly recommend them.

  • Matthew D

    March 1,2019

    Process was made very easy by Kris and her team! Very seamless!

  • Paul H

    February 28,2019

    The whole process was extremely easy, thanks to Kris and her great team! They do great work, and would highly suggest anyone that is looking to purchase a new home to contact Kris!

  • Victor V

    February 16,2019

    We really appreciate your help. Thank you so much. Kris for everything you have done for us.

  • Charles D

    February 4,2019

    Kris did an amazing job getting us to hit a closing date for just 2.5 weeks to help with our schedule of expecting our baby girl! She did an amazing job and was there every step of the way! Thank you Kris

  • Adam K

    February 4,2019

    Kris and Holly made it all so easy! They got it done super fast! It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend getting a mortgage through them 🙂

  • Mitchell N

    January 24,2019

    Kris was always attentive to our needs and always quick to respond when we had questions! She worked with us to find the best solution to fit our situation.

  • Lacey J

    January 17,2019

    She really helped me understand things as well as worked in an extremely timely fashion so we were able to close in time due to my work schedule. I would highly recommend her and her team. I could't be happier with the experience we had. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • David G

    January 16,2019

    Great service and very timely. Highly recommended.

  • Joseph G

    January 14,2019

    Kris, Holly and Andrea make a great team in getting clear to close in 3 weeks! They all made the home buying process a great experience!

  • Caleb K

    January 3,2019

    Kris and holly were exceptional in communicating and helping us navigate some of our credit issues. I can say with 100% certainty their team would do and did everything in their power to get our mortgage loan done.

  • Beverly B

    December 21,2018

    Kris did an amazing job working with our group. She is driven, organized and wonderful to work with. Thanks so much for a great educational opportunity!

  • Jacob G

    December 21,2018

  • Dabora M

    December 18,2018

    Towards the end of things, your communication was very open, you were on top of your game and kept me in line with all I was not aware of.

  • Altoum E

    December 7,2018

    Professionalism, strong team work values, communications, useful of technology features (esign, email,...), and friendly team members.

  • Justin A

    December 7,2018

    Kris. She made it great!! This is my 3rd home I've purchased with her and it's been beyond simple! Thank you!!!

  • Vanessa R

    December 6,2018

    I would recommend Kris's team to anyone thinking about getting a mortgage. She's great at communicating and will answer every question you have. The process was quick and went very smoothly. I'd give them 6 stars if I could!

  • Otor C

    December 2,2018

    Best experience and all my needs/wants was met. Amazing communication, treated like family

  • Adam H

    November 27,2018

    Her team worked hard to get me exactly what I wanted. I would recommend kris and her team to anyone I know looking to buy a home.

  • Lauren H

    November 19,2018

    Made the homebuying process understandable and relatively easy!

  • Yanan R

    November 12,2018

    Timely and reliable service and very considerate.

  • Lisa W

    November 8,2018

    Everything was done is a very timely manner, with professional communication and help whenever we needed it. They took care of everything and made the process painless. Thank you!

  • Brenda R

    November 8,2018

    Questions answered quickly and helpful through the whole process. Kept in good contact with us and very pleasant to work with. Everyone at Fairway mortgage did an excellent job.

  • Hailee F

    November 5,2018

    Kris and Holly were awesome to work with. Taking their time and helping me every step of the way. The we’re always available if I had any questions or concerns. They made the process easier and enjoyable for this first time home buyer!

  • barclaya84

    November 5,2018

    The Kris Heichel Team made the home buying experience amazing. I had heard stories to expext it to take months and months to be approved. My entire expirence from start to finish was less then 2 months. 🙂 they even helped me pay off a coiple debts along with my closing costs

  • Remick C

    November 3,2018

    Alissa was so helpful and took the time to explain the whole process. Everyone we worked with was courteous and quick to reply to any questions we had.

  • Heidi C

    October 31,2018

    Kris and her team were fabulous to work with. We are relocating to the area and really just planned on renting for awhile. After talking with her team member we realized that buying was actually an option for us. They made the entire process so easy and enjoyable.

  • Matthew C

    October 27,2018

    Great communication and everything went smooth. Very kind and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. It was obvious Kris was there to help in any way possible. It made for a great buying experience.


    October 19,2018

    You made everything so easy! And answered my millions of questions! With this being my first time buying I was so scared and you took all that worry away and made sure I understood everything while you still took care of all the work.

  • Herve K

    October 19,2018

    It only took me about 4 total weeks to have the keys for my house .. I got approved the same day I walked in , found the same house the next day and got all my paperwork done in 2 weeks and I closed the next 2 following weeks... The Fairway team are very amazing, nice , and very professional..

  • Brad B

    October 19,2018

    A great bunch of people to work with I close sooner than I thought was a very great experience

  • Emily M

    October 5,2018

    The Kris Hiechel team made everything so easy and the loan process was very smooth! Great communication and quick process. We can’t thank you enough!

  • Jennifer C

    October 3,2018

    Kris and her team were very friendly and very efficient. The amount of paperwork that comes with home buying is insane, but Kris made everything pretty painless with online forms and frequent email communication. The process happened so fast! We’d heard that it can take at least two months to close on a house, but we were done in less than a month. We would highly recommend her for her expertise, precision, and personality— she’s very friendly, professional, and easy to work with.

  • Octavio S

    October 2,2018

    Great service dont regret nothing

  • Jason S

    October 2,2018

    Kris and her team were very helpful in the entire process. They communicated in a timely manner. They assisted in problem solving when things didn't go as planned. I strongly recommend talking with Kris and her team if you are in the process of purchasing a home.

  • Brian B

    October 1,2018

    Our process of buying a home was extremely stressful, not because of Kris at all, and even with us being super stressed she kept things going smoothly and got everything done. Kris consistently answered my questions of which there were a lot and Andrea was amazing also. Because of these ladies we are now proud home owners.

  • Justin K

    September 29,2018

    Great communication and fast responses

  • Britney C

    September 28,2018

    Quick responses back, helped with questions I had, and as a first time homeowner they explained things so I was able to know exactly what I was reading as this was all new to me.

  • Alex P

    September 25,2018

    Everything seemed hassle free and moved quickly through the whole process

  • Brianna J

    September 24,2018

    When I had a question I would email Kris or Andrea, and within minutes I would get a response. It made me feel so comfortable to know that they were always willing to help us out through this process!

  • Zachary L

    September 18,2018

    Very easy to work with! Always quick to get a answer and a response!

  • Dean P

    September 15,2018

    Everything, and everyone. Thanks again Kris.

  • Mitchell C

    September 15,2018

    Feeling like you are in the loop and haveing good contact with everyone was a big part because I did not have that with my last home loan with a different bank!

  • Seth S

    September 14,2018

    Everything got done really fast, explained everything clearly and everyone was nice to talk too.

  • Muhyidin A

    September 14,2018

    Good team to work with. The transaction was smooth from the start to end.

  • Kyser B

    September 11,2018

    Quicker communication, to move on a house sooner so you don't miss out on a great home

  • Edwin S

    September 11,2018

    I was kept informed of progress in completing my loan paperwork, explanations to my questions were prompt and the associates were very pleasant to work with.

  • Benjamin J

    September 11,2018

    Friendly, personal, and knowledgeable!

  • Jason W

    September 11,2018

    Fairway is a great place they are friendly fast and i will refer them to everyone!

  • Larizza G

    September 11,2018

    For a first time home buyer,I would highly recommend Kris. Kris & her assistants will take the time to explain everything & anything. I also loved receiving emails on every step of our loan! Thanks Kris!

  • Lynda M

    September 9,2018

    Both Alissa and Andrea worked hard to make my closing happen. They went above and beyond to make my numbers work when at first it looked as though my closing would be delayed. They are a great team and I have already told a friend to use them when he does a refinancing on his home. I truly hope your team is paid what they're worth. Charlie Fawver referred them to me. At closing I thanked him for that. He said you guys are the best in town. I agree!!!!! Lynda Mobley

  • No R

    September 9,2018

    Get a better rate

  • Christopher L

    September 9,2018

    The advice to take the framework test for a first time home buyer.

  • Courtney S

    September 7,2018

    She communicated with me during the entire process, I was never left in the dark. She took interest in me and never made me feel like my situation wasn't important.

  • Richard P

    September 6,2018

    Alissa and Andrea were always helpful and pleasant to deal with answered all my questions.

  • gofast91

    April 15,2017

    They were very nice and communicated very well during the whole process. Made getting my first home loan easy and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  • GwenHensleySmith

    March 30,2017

    From my first phone call with Fairway I was excited about my "New Home"! They took me through the steps on what will happen and the process we would go through. They told me what my time frame would be with every step,and called me to update me on what to expect if it was going to take a "extra day" so I would not be worrying- if I had ANY questions at all they were always willing to answer all my questions, no matter how trivial it was-- this was a great experience and I would recommend Fairway to all my family and friends-- Thank You Kris "I love my new home !!

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